No One Does Kids' Cooking Programs Like we Do!


AGES 7-10yrs


Flexible, fun and interesting - your budding chef will learn so much thanks to our small class sizes & plenty of helpful instruction!  A completely hands on cooking experience in our large 2500 SF Commercial Kitchen facility.  Every child gets to make their own items & bring some things home for the family to sample!

These sessions are different every week and feature:

  • Making various breads from scratch!
  • Preparing easy main dishes with flair!
  • Opportunity to make pasta from scratch!
  • Baking & decorating!
  • And so much more!

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AGES 11-15yrs+


These classes are specifically designed for the pre-teen & teen age group.  The dishes are challenging & fun.  You child will learn basic culinary technique while putting their own creative spin on classic recipes. Students will learn how to make most everything from scratch – from sauces to breads and even pasta! Your child will get to prepare and sample their own culinary creations as well as bring portions home to share for the whole family can enjoy! Our camps are designed to be flexible & fun.  Featuring:

Making Pasta & Sauces from Scratch!

Create dynamic baked creations

Learn how to prepare sophisticated items with creativity!

Opportunities to customize & be creative with dishes!

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