About Us

We love our schools

Something So Yummy was birthed out of a desire to see better quality lunches in our local schools.  Kids have a lot of demands on them during the school year - learning new concepts, testing, etc.  They require good food to fuel all that focus. Something So Yummy wanted to create delicious and wholesome lunches and breakfast programs that were easy for schools to implement but also helped their bottom line so they could have successful budgets and offset the free and reduced lunch program.

We believe in well-nourished communities

We believe passionately that strong families = strong, safe communities.  That benefits everyone.  Families have a lot to balance - - working parents, sports schedules, church commitments, etc. Something So Yummy feels they help bring balance to families by taking the never ending debate on "what's for dinner" - especially when time is limited.

We also want to do all we can to help enable individuals to eat fresh, amazing meals.  Whether that be the senior community or individuals seeking to maintain their wellness goals - Something So Yummy wants to make it easier for individuals to have access to made from scratch meals.

We believe in quality

Quality ingredients is so important.  Everything here at SSY is fresh and most items are made from scratch by people who truly care about the food we produce.  Quality products means more fulfilling meals & better overall health.

About our Staff


Our Kitchen Manager & Head Chef

We are very lucky to have kitchen manager & head chef - Annie De Piero.  Not only does Annie fully embrace the values at Something So Yummy, she brings unique and delicious recipes from her wealth of knowledge running her own very successful cafe in Ireland!  Annie brings a vibrant addition to our classes & operations! 


Our Prep Staff

It's the people that make the business.  And for us, our amazing staff puts their passion for delicious, high quality food at the center of everything!  Our staff's commitment to the SSY values is inspiring!


About the Owners

John & Jennifer Zuck founded Something So Yummy in response to a gap they observed in healthy options within Marco Island & Naples. Originally from a suburb of Minneapolis, John and Jennifer believe passionately that good, wholesome nutrition impacts every area of a person’s wellbeing.   Five years ago, Jennifer really started diving deep into complex nutrition concepts when her mom’s multiple sclerosis became debilitating. After her mom exhausted all options available from the medical community, she sought nutrition to help stabilize her disease. Jennifer has partnered with nutritionists and trainers – and was even recruited to be a partner at a nutritional consulting company and obtain certification. Jennifer and John have been even more focused on nutrition as Jennifer works to repair her own thyroid and adrenal systems.    In their 15 years together, they have successfully managed small businesses ranging from a grassroots non-profit organization to a clothing store to a yogurt and cake shop – as well as a thriving consulting business for global companies. John and Jennifer are committed to providing an exceptional experience for all their clients. 

Fun Fact


Why are we called Something So Yummy?

Why are we called Something So Yummy?  We are honoring our little Bichon, Scooter (left) and my sister's dog, Bella (right) - both get very excited when they are allowed to have a little homemade, organic chicken noodle soup mixed in with their dog food at family gatherings.  They know when we ask them, "Do you want Something So Yummy?" that they are about to get something amazing.   Now, we KNOW you have a much more refined pallet than they do - but we think you will be just as excited when you try Something So Yummy!