About Us

We love our schools

Something So Yummy was birthed out of a desire to see better quality lunches in our local schools.  Kids have a lot of demands on them during the school year - learning new concepts, testing, etc.  They require good food to fuel all that focus. Something So Yummy wanted to create delicious and wholesome lunches and breakfast programs that were easy for schools to implement but also helped their bottom line so they could have successful budgets and offset the free and reduced lunch program.

In 2019, Something So Yummy sold their catering operations to a new and upcoming catering company - Breads & Spreads - that embraced the same values in food and quality as the owners.

We believe in small businesses!

We believe in quality

Fun Fact


Why are we called Something So Yummy?

Why are we called Something So Yummy?  We are honoring our little Bichon, Scooter (left) and my sister's dog, Bella (right) - both get very excited when they are allowed to have a little homemade, organic chicken noodle soup mixed in with their dog food at family gatherings.  They know when we ask them, "Do you want Something So Yummy?" that they are about to get something amazing.   Now, we KNOW you have a much more refined pallet than they do - but we think you will be just as excited when you try Something So Yummy!