Make & Take: How Does it Work

1. Sign Up


Choose what day/time you want to assemble your meals.  Sign up & select your meals online or by phone.

2. Show Up


We will have all your ingredients prepped and ready with easy to follow assembly instructions.  Its fun & easy - especially when your friends join you and prep their meals too!

3. Eat it Up


With a week's worth of meals in your fridge & freezer - you just heat and eat when you want them!


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Why Do Our Make & Take Option?


Assemble a week of meals!

It's simple, its fun and it's affordable!  Imagine having a week's worth of meals - ready to pop in the oven.  Meals that are fresh & made from scratch - but completely hassle and mess-free!

We handle all the messy and time-consuming elements of meal prep like chopping, shredding, etc.  You just sign up, show up & assemble your meals with prepped ingredients set up for you.  

Which means you can customize those enchiladas for your picky eater!  Or custom create your family's salad with all their favorite veggies.  All the chopping, prepping, etc is done - you just follow our easy instructions onsite - pack up your servings & go!  It's that simple!  

Bring your friends for a fun event!

Make it fun by packaging your meals with your friends.  Enjoy beverages & catch up while you package your meals.  Our staff is there to help and ensure everything is easy!

No Clean Up, No Hassles

Everything is prepped and organized for you.  You just assemble & go!  We handle the clean up!

When Can I sign up?

You must pre-register at an available time below to ensure space/availability.   Choose a date & time below or schedule your own group session with your friends 

(A minimum of 8 people for a group session)

No upcoming events.

Our Ingredients

Fresh & Local

We opt for high quality, locally sourced products as much as possible!  Minimally processed & made from scratch as much as possible!

All Natural

We are not fans of artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, etc - we avoid them at all costs!


Our environment is important to us.  Which is why we opt for packaging that can be recycled and/or is made with recycled materials.  We also opt for meat products that were processed in the U.S.