Whether you are looking to replace a vendor for a few days a week or overhaul your school's lunch program completely - Something So Yummy has the RIGHT options for you.  

A customizable program to  contour to your school's operations NOT the other way around!  There are many ways to offset costs utilizing the right pricing model for your lunches!

Scroll on to learn about our flexibility, client feedback & the case for change!

Ultimate Flexibility!

Program Options


Need a vendor for just a few days?  Or want to overhaul your lunch program?  You choose the options you want!

  • A la carte menu
  • A fixed menu 
  • A monthly menu with multiple options
  • Hot lunch, cold lunch, beverages, snacks   



You choose the ordering method that your school needs:

  • Do you want to handle the order process - thats fine! 
  • Want to use our ordering portal - we have a great portal that we manage!
  • Prefer no pre-order process for a buy on demand program - we do that too! 



Our payment process is also very easy and flexible!  We work with schools on the following options:

  • Invoicing
  • Direct payment on our portal
  • On the spot cash sales

Breakfast Programs


An array of breakfast options to choose from - hot and cold.  Wholesome and delicious!  

  • Items like yogurt parfaits, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, breakfast bars, etc.

Lunch Programs


Your students will love these options that are fresh and delicious.

  • Options like deli sandwiches, wraps, salads, enchiladas, fresh soup, baked ziti, pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, and so much more!

Zero Effort Fundraising


Contact us to learn more about our incredibly easy fundraising options - sure to bring serious funds into your school's budget - without tons of hassle or volunteers!

why change?

Good nutrition is linked to good performance in academics & athletics!   It impacts mood, ability to learn, focus to test well, and perform in sports.  

Increasing students’ health leads to modest improvements in students’ academic test scores.  

 According to the CDC, students who practice unhealthy eating are more likely to receive poor grades, get low test scores and pursue less education.   

 Improving the quality of students’ diets leads to students being on task more often, increases math test scores, possibly increases reading test scores, and increases attendance.  

"Students who practice unhealthy eating are more likely to receive poor grades, get low test scores and pursue less education."

The above statements are sourced from studies published in:

The Journal of Pediatrics, Journal of School Health, American Journal of Public Health & The Center for Disease Control. 

client testimonials


Excellence in Programs

"These options are great!  We can choose the program that will be the least amount of change for our administration."

Excellence in Operations

"Thank you for your flexibility in changing out some of the menu items that weren't as popular as others."

Excellence in School Centric Results

"Since we switched over to Something So Yummy - this is the first year we haven't lost money on our lunch program.  The offsetting of costs really helps with our free/reduced lunch program."

Kid & Teacher Approved!

"Are those the pumpkin bars?!  I am so excited - I LOVE those!"   -1st grader

"Your baked ziti is THE BEST."  - Middle Schooler

"I am part Italian - so I was very skeptical of how good school lunch pasta would be.  I have to say - it was really good!"   -  Teacher